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  • Easy-to-Follow Instruction

    Effortlessly enjoyable paint parties where you'll feel right at home, even if you've never picked up a paint brush. Paula will guide you through every brushstroke, making the process easy to follow along.

  • Fun and Social Atmosphere

    Lively and social atmosphere, where creativity takes center stage alongside the joy of camaraderie. These events are more than just painting; they're a celebration of shared moments and newfound friendships.

  • Personalized Events

    We turn your special occasions into memorable masterpieces! Whether it's a birthday bash, bachelorette party, team-building event, or any other milestone, we tailor the painting experience to suit your unique occasion.

"Paula is a great instructor, and I say that as a person who is not a painter. She provided clear instructions that were easy for me to follow. She was very patient with everyone at the party and did a great job making herself available to anyone in need. I would definitely throw a painting party with her again. She was a great spirit and fun!" - Mel R.

"Loved the way the session went. This is my first painting class. It's nice to get lost doing something relaxing without worrying about work/other stuff. A much needed break. Please come back!!! Loved it." - Patty T.

"The property I work for organized a painting party activity with Paula, and the residents loved it! Paula thought of everything to make the experience easy and enjoyable for the participants. I would definitely recommend Paula to anyone who's interested in doing this type of activity!" - Tzoamy Vera from Dolben Porperties